Kind Words

The Simple Livings is an amazing little world. I have always felt (and feel) a reverence for The Simple Livings. I just love reading about Mrs. Livings’ life — and seeing the beautiful flowers, birds, and blueberry muffins. It is truly uplifting and good for my soul. It reminds me of all the love and peace and beauty that life on earth has to offer. I truly relish in every photo and every word. It also makes me feel wonderful to picture you two celebrating your togetherness. You are one of those rare couples who seem so perfectly, doubtlessly meant for each other.
— Moriah
Awesome! Mrs. Livings knows how to live!
— Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle
The Simple Livings...We know we like it!
— East Bay Express
What an amazing creation!
— Mike,
— Darra, Editor-in-Chief, Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture

"We REALLY enjoyed this!"      - The Editors, Horticulture Magazine

"An enviable trip."  - Newsweek

Mrs. Livings, you have the most beautiful soul, and the sweetest, kindest heart. I love that I get to know you a bit through this.
— Adam
Thank you for sharing your mixed media. It’s such a window to your soul and the things that are important to you in life...And your photography is truly amazing! The scenes from the airplane, the flowers, the birds, the snow, the pathways on your special walks...just amazing!
— Ingrid
I find your work intriguing, Mrs. Livings. Please let me know if you are ever coming to Ireland.
— Gareth, farmers market manager, Limerick, Ireland
Dear Mrs. Livings . . .This is just wonderful.
— Bobbie, Coordinator, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter
Your pictures are precious, Mrs. Livings. Keep up the good work. You are bringing lightness to my days…and I can use that right now.
— Jeff. Bird Country USA
I love this so much! It is such a wonderful expression of you, and of your life and love together!
— Amber
Dear Mrs. Livings...this brings me so much joy. Thank you for this. I LOVE The Simple Livings!
— Stacie
Beyond your wonderful voice, Mrs. Livings, The Simple Livings, itself, is a work of art. What a wonderful vision and world.
— Stephen