...the movie, Harold and Maude, with the soundtrack by Cat Stevens. I love this movie so is just so full of life...and love...and love of life...and freedom and choice and possibility...and so much more...

Well, if you want to sing out, sing out.
And if you want to be free, be free.
There’s a million ways to be.
You know that there are…

And if you want to say yes, say yes.
And if you want to say no, say no.
There’s a million ways to go.

You know that there are.


Happy 4th!

Happy 4th, dear friends!  


Tonight, for dinner we are grilling veggie burgers and veggie dogs outside at home, and having something tasty for dessert.  It has been warm in our region this week, so today we are all about keeping cool!

I thought I’d share a picture of my friends, Bean and Dexter, being extra-festive in their patriotic bow-ties:


Aren't they sweet?

And these two vintage 4th of July postcards I thought were very lovely too:

May thy sweet blooms never cease to bloom in love and trust and peace...

Wishing You A Glorious 4th Of July!


My Light Is Love

Too many days, like on this day, I look at the news and it is heartbreaking. So much dark and sorrow, pain and loss, violence and fear and fearmongering and hatred and senselessness. So much loss. And the helpless feeling inside at times amidst all this of how little I can do about so much. It makes me hold close ever more tightly to those I love and who love I..,those who are my life and my world. And cherish even more than I already do each day (which is a lot already), the gift and grace that is to have an ordinary day alive with those I love. Like this morning in the garden watching the dragonflies together landing upon the flowers. Or blowing bubbles with Mr. Livings and Ellie, like in these photos of us in Oregon. To have a day, an ordinary day (which never are just ordinary) - to have THIS day is such a blessing. Amidst all in the world going on. Amidst the senselessness. Amidst such darkness, my light is love.


Chocolate Flowers

I made a really magical bouquet that I just love full of garden goodness with lots of chocolate flowers. After baking chocolate chip cookies and clipping chocolate scabiosa from our garden the other day to bring inside, I was inspired and decided to make a bouquet with lots of chocolate flowers: chocolate scabiosa, chocolate cosmos, chocolate poppies, chocolate candy geraniums, chocolate nasturtiums, chocolate amaranth, chocolate ninebark, thornless blackberries, dahlias and lots of other garden loveliness. I love it. Pure magic!


Mr. Livings' Birthday

Today is the birthday of my love, one of my favorite days of the year. To celebrate, we are heading out into nature, as we always do, and then tonight are having a special birthday dinner at home that I am making him, as well as a chocolate birthday cake I baked, and also chocolate brownies, since Mr. Livings is a serious chocolate lover. I love celebrating my love. On his birthday and every day.

I love you, Mr. Livings! Happy Birthday my Love!


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to be my wonderful mother! She and I have so many wonderful photos of the two of us spanning our lives together, but I thought I'd share today a photo of the three generations of the girls in our kitchen in Oregon. She will love seeing this photo. My Mother is such a wonderful Mother, and I simply adore her.

My Mom is not only a wonderful Mother but also a wonderful Grandma. She goes to the thrift stores in the Bay Area and spends so much time going through all the kids clothes, books, and toys and then mails care packages full of such thoughtful and sweet things. Here is a picture of Ellie in her room, above, with books and toys her Grandma found at the thrift stores and sent, as well as a serious thrift store score of this My Little Pony Dress, which she adores. (She is really into the ponies and unicorns right now). My Mom also got her the children's art easel since Ellie loves making art. She is such a wonderful Mother and such a wonderful Grandma too. We are all very lucky. In this picture, Ellie is wearing her dress from Grandma, a picture she drew of me holding flowers in the garden is on the easel, flowers she picked and arranged herself are on her dresser, she has books all around and her rock collection on the floor, a painting Mr. Livings painted of her on the wall, a Girls Can Do Anything Poster on the wall, another poster that ends with the wonderful Silverstein quote, "Anything can happen, child. Anything can be," and a poster of the book, "Contact," by Carl Sagan on her wall - a novel featuring the main character Ellie who goes on a journey of wonder into the vast beyond. Having Ellie's name be Ellie, she is well set for a life that is vast and wondrous...A life of wonder and mystery and love of life amongst the vastness of it all. The wonder of it all! Her poster has a quote by Carl Sagan: "We are all made of stardust." A wonderful reminder - whatever our age - whether we are grown or whether we are small.

Happy Mother's Day, dear Mom! I love you so very, very much. You are always in my heart. ♥