Miniature Poppies

Currently growing in an area of Mr. Livings and my garden in Oregon are these super sweet miniature poppies I planted, which are smaller in size than my pinkie finger or even a small coin. I find them really lovely and magical. They are the perfect size flower for a miniature vase in a dollhouse:

...or an acorn vase in a hummingbird nest:

Here is a photo of me with some of the miniature poppies from my garden for my hummingbird friends in the woods in Oregon, as well as birdseed cupcakes for the birds. Ever the ruthless capitalist and intrepid entrepreneur, thinking of nothing but the bottom line, my own profit and self interests, and the ever expansion of my mediated, branded empire, seeking nothing but merchandising, followers/likes, and ever rising social/mediated status, with no interest in beauty, truth, magic, meaning, being, connection, presence, the power and preciousness of nature, the power and pleasure as an artist in creating your personal vision, and wonder..(as evident...(or not ;) in how I have gone about creating The Simple Livings over the past six years) here is my new "business" plan: a stand in the woods with bird seed cupcakes for the birds and miniature poppies for the hummingbirds that I grow in my garden (as I am a flower farmer for hummingbirds as well as bees, butterflies, and other pollinators) - all of it free of charge of course, except for those birds who want to give me a song in return. "What do you do for a living?" other Livings shall ask to which I will say that I am a flower farmer for hummingbirds and a bird seed cupcake baker for the birds in the woods in Oregon. Yes, that sounds good to me.