First Flight

duck dvd.jpg

We have been watching some wonderful nature documentaries at home recently. We have seen so many good ones about various different kinds of animals, birds, and habitats, but I have to say the sweetest documentary that we have seen of late was the DVD, pictured above, titled "Ducklings'  First Flight: A Documentary," that we checked out from our local library. Watching little ducklings' first flight (well, more like a fall or a belly-flop or a glide for some of them - some more graceful than others, like us all) from the tree crevasses high up above to the ground far below, and then bouncing upon the ground as they landed, for they weigh so little, then heading towards their mother's voice calling them on, was really just the sweetest thing. Everyone in our house loved this documentary so much.


Later, Mr. Livings and I were talking about this documentary, and smiling and imagining out loud if we were two little ducklings in a tree together.  Mr. Livings said that as a duckling, he would have put up his wing, to guard me and try to protect me from any danger, like in the photo of us as ducklings pictured above. He is a fierce protector of me always. And as ducklings he'd' be just the same, fiercely protecting me.

Then, he added, he would be a duckling still in the tree, while, I, being I, would hurl myself out into the world, bravely embracing everything, as he watched me from high.

duck - comingLIVINGSweb.jpg

But then immediately, he'd follow me - "Wait, love - I'm coming," he'd cry, as he fell from the tree through the sky just behind me. For living or duckling or any other being we've ever been or ever would be, I'd follow you anywhere," he said.


I said," I think we'd jump from the tree together, at the same time, holding hands - well, holding wings."

I know that's the way it would be. ♥