Mr. Livings' Birthday

mr livings in the woods2.jpg

Today is the birthday of my love, the most beautiful person I know on the inside and out. Mr. Livings has the most wonderful spirit, the biggest heart, the most sightful of eyes, a wonderful sense of humor, and such wonderful gifts...including his wonderful art...and also his awesome comics! He is the best and I am the luckiest. This is the tenth birthday of his that we have celebrated together. His birthday is always my favorite day of the year. He is such a beautiful shining light and my best friend, and for his birthday today, I wanted to celebrate him on here, by sharing some photos of him that capture his deep affinity for nature, his connection with birds and animals, our life and love together, and his beautiful, most beautiful heart.

I love you Mr. Livings!  Thank you so much for this life.

mr livings 1-8.jpg
mr livings 0-40.jpg
mr livings 3-7.jpg
mr livings 0-3.jpg
mr livings 0-4.jpg
family love.jpg
mr livings 0-6.jpg
mr livings 0-49.jpg
mr livings 0-8.jpg
mr livings 0-25.jpg

Happy Birthday, my love!