Love and Snowball

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In one of the many books that I have read on bird cognition and behavior over the years (and I have read them all), I read about a bird who was considered to be one of the most handsome and beautiful of his kind. The humans in his life wanted this bird to have a mate, so they went about to find the most beautiful female that they could find for him, and then, after finding her, they brought her to him. And he would not even look at her. Not even once. He turned away in utter indifference. So, they went looking for more gorgeous female birds...(Check out the model contact sheet, below, of all the various gorgeous females they considered and brought before him, in the hope that one of them he might select for a mate):

parrot contact sheet21-2LIVINGSweb2.jpg

But he would have none of them. One after the next - he turned away from each of them without a second glance. So the humans in his life gave up trying to find him a mate. And, thinking it didn't matter who they put in the aviary with him then, since he seemed disinterested in every bird thus far, they put the most mangy female bird, anxious and missing most of the feathers on her chest, into the aviary with him. And you know what? The handsome male bird, the second he saw this mangy female bird, fell instantly and madly in love with her. And did not leave her side for the rest of her life. He had found his one. Here, below, is a picture of the two of them together:

I LOVE this. 

Another bird I read about in that same book, in a different chapter, was a cockatoo named Snowball who loved to dance and had to groove. I smiled when I read about this bird, because I am like that too. I have soul in my bones and my body can't help but dance. I don't even realize most of the time that my body is moving to the music that I a bank, in the grocery store, in my living room, but Mr. Livings will tell me about it later, or I will see him smiling softly at me from afar, and I'll realize that my body is just moving, even if just very subtlety, to the music. Even my toes are dancing sometimes inside my shoes to music I hear. I can't help it! I love to dance! So, I love that Snowball, who I read about in that book on birds, loves to dance too and has such a great groove!  It made me happy to read about, and also to see. Watch Snowball dance here to:  Another One Bites The Dust.