Lovely Signs Of Late...

Upon my walks of late around town, I have seen so many lovely signs in shop windows. Here are a few I thought you'd like to see too:


I hope you all are well, dear friends. There is much going on with my family right now that has my heart very heavy. This has been the hardest year in the life of my parents and family with the recent loss of one beloved family member, who was buried this past week and whose memorial is tomorrow, and another beloved family member who is not well at all, and the uncertainty that brings that is so scary, beyond many other hard things in the family also happening as well right now. I am sure that many of you also have heavy hearts, from your own things happening in your lives right now as well. To you of weary heart and and to all who read this, I am extending my arms out to you right now. Feel my hug, wherever you be. I thinking of you right now.

I am also thinking this: that just as the vastness brings me peace, so too does the constancy of change. (Though too it causes such sorrow when we try to hold what we cannot hold). But the upside of impermanence is that if every thing does change...and it does...Then too shall change…then too shall pass...even the darkest things, in their own way in their own time. Right now I hold this thought close. And also share these lovely signs, above, with you, with their life-affirming words on this day. For just to be alive, through the dark and through the light, what a wonder it  be. There is not a day I do not forget this. No matter what is happening or going on: that to simply be alive…is simply amazing…no matter what comes…no matter what be...

I send you light and love and peace this day, my friends.

You are loved.

Mrs. Livings