One Of My Biggest Fans


Meet one of my biggest fans. This particular bird, every time I start to play the piano, flies to the branch of the apple tree closest to the window by which I play, and sits there the entire time I play until I am done, when he/she then flies away. This bird arrives, every time, immediately as I start to play, and departs, every time, immediately after I have played my last note. Other birds come and go, but this bird stays. Every time. Every time I feel so honored.

I have had other fans.

The baby bird, whose life I saved, loved to sit upon my windowsill as I played. I would play special songs of mine that I thought this baby would most love to hear. The baby would stay until the last song was done.

Brown loved to sit near my window as I played too.  Often, I would see Brown and one particular hummingbird sitting side by side upon a branch that overlooked my window. I would see them sitting there, looking in, as I played the piano, and, like this bird pictured above, they would not fly away until I had finished my last song. Every time. Every time I felt so honored.

For to have such fans as they, these birds...the true masters of the song - is an honor. Such an honor.

This I know.