Life I Celebrate


A friend of mine recently shared her recipe for spice cake that includes tomatoes as a special ingredient in it. I wrote and told her that her cake sounded like the perfect treat to usher in the coming fall magic with, and her use of tomatoes such a great way to celebrate and utilize their abundance at this time of year. She wrote and told me how much she loved the idea of celebrating the abundance of tomatoes — for baking really does feel like a celebration of ingredients to her and that she was going to remember my "beautifully apt way" of describing it. 

Which got me thinking about celebration and celebrating...beyond a word or phrasing...a thing to string and strew. But be, instead, for me, a frame: a way of life, a way of sight, a way of being...a way of seeing EVERYTHING...with sight and wonder...with gratitude...

 Life I celebrate!