A Billboard I Love


I love this billboard, that is up right now in the neighborhood that I grew up in when I was very young, so very much.  Every time I pass and see it, I smile. It pleases me so...with Kermit smiling upon it, and the message saying, "Eat flies. Dates a pig. Hollywood star. LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Pass it on!" It is just wonderful, I think. The billboard is above the flower shop that I have an early memory of walking with my father, hand in hand, to many years ago.  We didn't have much money at the time, and we only went once, but the two of us walked there from our home and got my mom some special flowers, which she loved so very much.  That was a long ago, but the flower shop is still here, and currently adorned with my current favorite billboard ever!

I love it so much!!

Live your dreams.

Pass it on...