On Our Hike Today

100_3385 (2)LIVINGSweb.jpg

We went on a favorite hike today. To get to the hiking trail, you walk through a lovely meadow to get to the trailhead leading into the woods. Mr. Livings took the photos of me above, in the woods and walking through the grasses to get to the woods. I am always so excited to go hiking...and especially on these trails. When we hike here, we do all the various trails over the course of a long afternoon.


Frog Highway takes you by this lovely wetland and pond where frogs call and sometimes hop along the path down towards the waters. It is lovely there:

...Even before the green returns it is just lovely. Here are a couple pictures from Frog Highway when winter had just first thawed her...


And another favorite trail of ours, the Princess Pine trail, is just so very gorgeous and lush and full of ferns. Look at this photo, below, that Mr. Livings took of me upon the trail. I don't know if there has been a picture that captures my spirit and love of nature so perfectly. Plus, I am in my straw hat that I am always wearing...It is a classic "me" picture:

This is me looking happy and at peace in my beloved woods.

Such a wonderful day!