Upon Our Walk This Evening


Upon our walk together this evening, a truck pulled up along the road where we were walking, and a guy got out. He said to us, "You know - I have seen you all the time over the past year along your walks in every season, and today just felt I had to stop and tell you...that it brings me SO much joy to see you together...I smile and feel so happy every single time...to see two people so obviously made for each other...two people so very much in love.  I hope it doesn't bother you that I stopped, but I just felt today I had to tell you two this. I get such joy from your love..." Then we all shook hands with this guy and all introduced ourselves, before he drove away, and we walked home...smiling so...

It reminded me of another occasion where we were walking in Vermont, and a guy came up to us, and said how beautiful our love was to him...and said directly to Mr. Livings, "Never let her hand go." To which he said, "I never will."

For eternity we walk.