My Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday and I did a s'more themed birthday for him this year, as on family camping trips growing up we made s'mores together which I fondly remembered as Mr. Livings and I made them on our recent wedding anniversary camping trip. My Dad got a s'more themed birthday card from me and s'more inspired dessert and treats. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so very much! ❤️


Ten Year Wedding Anniversary

Ten years ago today, we wed for eternity, in this love we share that spans time. Celebrating our love and ten year wedding anniversary amidst the beauty and wonders of Olympic National Park and having the best time of our lives. Happy 10 Year Wedding Anniversary to my most wonderful, incredible love, eternal "one," and best friend, in this love we share that is eternity. Having the time of our lives together amidst the wonders of nature and looking forward to a lifetime more of beauty and adventures we'll share.

Pacific Crest Trail

Every weekend, a friend of ours goes out onto the Pacific Crest Trail stretch of trail though our region in Oregon, bringing watermelons, cold beverages, hearty snacks, and tasty dishes to share that our friend hands out to anyone hiking the trail that day who passes by. I think this is so really cool... And our friend gets to hear so many amazing stories of those hiking the PCT who pass on through. This friend is one cool person - sharing with us many times over the years the most amazing back country tips of wilderness places to see that Mr. Livings and I appreciate. And I am sure those hiking the trail, an arduous journey as all who have done it know, appreciate greatly the unexpected kindness, food fuel, and treat. I love that our friend does this so much.

Miniature Poppies

Currently growing in an area of Mr. Livings and my garden in Oregon are these super sweet miniature poppies I planted, which are smaller in size than my pinkie finger or even a small coin. I find them really lovely and magical. They are the perfect size flower for a miniature vase in a dollhouse:

...or an acorn vase in a hummingbird nest:

Here is a photo of me with some of the miniature poppies from my garden for my hummingbird friends in the woods in Oregon, as well as birdseed cupcakes for the birds. Ever the ruthless capitalist and intrepid entrepreneur, thinking of nothing but the bottom line, my own profit and self interests, and the ever expansion of my mediated, branded empire, seeking nothing but merchandising, followers/likes, and ever rising social/mediated status, with no interest in beauty, truth, magic, meaning, being, connection, presence, the power and preciousness of nature, the power and pleasure as an artist in creating your personal vision, and wonder..(as evident...(or not ;) in how I have gone about creating The Simple Livings over the past six years) here is my new "business" plan: a stand in the woods with bird seed cupcakes for the birds and miniature poppies for the hummingbirds that I grow in my garden (as I am a flower farmer for hummingbirds as well as bees, butterflies, and other pollinators) - all of it free of charge of course, except for those birds who want to give me a song in return. "What do you do for a living?" other Livings shall ask to which I will say that I am a flower farmer for hummingbirds and a bird seed cupcake baker for the birds in the woods in Oregon. Yes, that sounds good to me.


When I Grow Up...

You know when you are a kid and everyone asks what you want to be when you grow up? Well after rewatching E.T. with Mr. Livings the other night, I have a new answer if someone should ever ask: intergalactic gardener/intergalactic plant collector. That was what E.T. and his kind were -going to various planets, like Earth, to collect plant specimens for their garden. I love this! I want to do this! And love this classic film, as well as these classic scenes:

Thistle Inspiration

The inspiration for this bouquet I made started with a bunch of thistle growing in Mr. Livings and my garden in Oregon. To which I added Queen Anne's lace, lavender foliage, chives, oregano, nasturtium foliage, some lovely and bright summery flowers, and a few other of nature's offerings from the garden. I really like the way this seasonal bouquet turned out...and the sculptural qualities of some of the materials that I gathered.

Like all of us this bouquet is...Every angle...another side...


Here, below, is a photo of our sweet cat, Miss Meow, in our dining room at home, where my bouquet I made of flowers, kitchen herbs, and thistle is on our dining room table:

She is just the sweetest, isn't she? Mr. Livings and I love her so much!