Welcome to the world of The Simple Livings! The Simple Livings is a work of mixed-media, conceptual, contemporary art, combining sculpture, photography, and new media.  It is a love story and a celebration of living...

...of the wonder and magic that is to be alive...


Started in 2010, The Simple Livings recently celebrated its six year anniversary. Over the years, it has been visited by livings and humans from around the world, as well as received many kind words. It has been, and is still,  a joy to create. 

A favorite moment so far, since creating The Simple Livings, was the day The Simple Livings received an email from an editor at National Geographic magazine, saying that she had seen and loved one the pieces on here, "Worlds Of The World," so much that she had emailed it to the daughter of Frank Drake, the American astronomer and physicist who founded SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), telling his daughter to make sure she showed him the piece for she knew he would love it. That was a seriously cool day, and we felt so honored and proud.

Mrs. Livings is the creator, artist, and voice of The Simple Livings. She is a writer, artist, and pianist who enjoys being out in nature, writing her pieces, reading, playing the piano, time spent with her family, cooking and baking vegan and vegetarian recipes, star gazing, going on adventures, watching and listening to the birds, her friendships with many creatures, working in the garden, making art, going on walks and hikes, and spending time with Mr. Livings, her love and best friend.  (See photos of her growing up here and her thoughts on living and being here.)

Mr. Livings is an artist who enjoys being out in nature, tinkering in the garden, reading, spending time with family, going for walks, watching the birds, making art, drawing comics, and any and all time spent with Mrs. Livings. He accompanies her on all their adventures featured here. (See photos from their love story and wedding here).

Mrs. & Mr. Livings have been married ten years and been together for almost eleven, and both feel so lucky every single day to have found their eternal "one" and best friend. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world. They have lived, in the time they have been together, in Vermont, Oregon, and the San Francisco Bay Area (in Oakland where Mrs. Livings grew up - her hometown).  The Simple Livings is a record, both for themselves and to share, of selected moments they choose to share of their real love, life together, photos, memories, and adventures, conceived and created with love by Mrs. Livings and featuring her writing, art, and photographs.

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Welcome to the world of the Livings!